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31 January 2006 @ 09:52 pm
I'm Glad he Only has a Couple of These Left  
I'm late to this

Increasing Math and Science classes: RETARDED! This moves us further toward mindless zombies than the No Child Left Behind Act (which I have an entire opinion on since I worked for a public broadcasting station) already has. If you have read any education studies, you will find PROOF that measuring the success of students by standardized test scores is a horrible way to go and removes diversification in schools and leaves students further behind when applying for college and graduate school. No one can seriously argue this is a good idea; all you have to do is read.

I'm sure his ban on cloning includes stem cell research. To anyone who thinks you need a fertalized egg or an aborted fetus to conduct this research is wrong as well. And if someone is gonna abort a fetus, at least it could be used to possibly save a life.

I'm holding him to real progress in new feul to his 6 year promise.

Nice Lincoln/Slavery reference. Someone who studied the civil war only through elementary school. Maybe there should be history along with these math and science classes.