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11 March 2006 @ 06:11 pm
Milesovic was found dead in his cell today in case anyone missed the headlines on every news source. I now see a bunch of headlines claiming the families of his victims feel justice will not be served. Ok now I'm not sure what political stance this is other than my own.

This man has been on trial for 5 years already (expect the same from Sadam), justice was never going to be served. There were so many hangups in the trial from people marching in on the courts and demanding if Milesovic is going to be tried for crimes against humanity so should other world leaders including their courts to Milesovic's health in general. This is best justice was going to get in this case. He's dead and is probably facing a worse jury and excutioner than any of us can imagine.

Coming from someone whose family was victimized by mass genocide, it's best he's dead. Unfortunately, it looks like he didn't kill himself.

I'm curious to know your thoughts on this:

1)Was justice served?
2)Would justice have been served if he didn't die while in Jail?
3)Would this case have just been tied up in court forever?
4)Any other thoughts you might have.

P.S. I know there's a lot of talk about how Clinton ordered troops to topple Milesovic just to get the press off the Lewinski thing. Ask someone from Bosnia or Albania if it was a good decision to strike or not.
Mattymattymorgs on March 12th, 2006 06:45 am (UTC)
It was a good decision to strike. Frankly, now that the man is dead we can carry on. Sure, some will take petty pride that he is no longer living, but at least he has been out of power for a while now and the genocide can stop. I'm personally very wary about international criminal courts, but that is just me. I do believe that we will see Saddam in a similar role as Slobodan (sp?) and possibly with the same end. Frankly, as soon as enough has been brought up to at LEAST put him away for life then stop the trial there unless there is more that will put him before a firing squad, yaknow?

But, in jail or dead, justice has been served and the ethnic Albanians et al. may continue to live out their lives.